WHO Public Health Emergency: This Nation is Sick and Possibly About to Go Terminal

We have spent the last two years learning the very hard lesson that government does not return power seized readily. Under the pretext of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders around the world and governors in the United States implemented draconian lockdown measures seizing civil liberties and constitutional rights of their citizens unilaterally and in most cases without consent. Never before in the history of the world had there been a public health response in the face of a pandemic of quarantining the healthy and the predictable results were disastrous. The spread of the highly infectious disease continued and the economies of those countries and states that locked down were left in shambles - not to mention the normal health emergencies that went untreated, the severe rise in mental health issues, an increase in alcohol and drug abuse, and a spike in suicides.

Over time the virus morphed into the Omicron variant as corona viruses are want to do and while much more contagious, it acted as a live attenuated vaccine in that it much more effectively elevated the immunity of those infected while being much less severe than previous strains and far less lethal. As such, most recognized that the “emergency” had passed and life began to return somewhat to normal with the aid of some conservative judges that ruled that public health emergency powers had been overreaching and mask and vaccine mandates could not stand. But once a government has exercised such power, it is very reluctant to return it to the rightful place of the citizenry.

There are fresh claxons going off warning of a new surge in the virus coming in the winter just in time for the midterm elections. Schools in Portland, Maine, Pittsburg, and Montclair, New Jersey just announced a return to mask mandates. White House Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha recently declared that Congress needed to pass an additional $22.5 billion in funding for additional vaccines should a fourth shot be approved. And California just passed a bill allowing children 12 years of age and up to be vaccinated without parental consent (SB 866) and are currently considering legislation that would create a database tracking COVID-19 vaccination status and also race or ethnicity (AB 1797). It is not difficult to see the groundwork being laid to rollout a new round of emergency powers being declared.

This interestingly, but hardly coincidentally, is occurring while two other seismic events are unfolding. The first was the public disclosure of the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board. By being able to officially control the sanctioned narrative, this newly created position can censor and control information deemed inappropriate for the public. Doctors are already being threatened to have their licenses removed in states such as California for providing medical waivers for vaccinations. How much more power do you think the government will exercise then when research being done on the vaccines’ safety and efficacy by the likes of Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Dr. Naomi Wolf are deemed disinformation?

But the counterbalance to this was recently seen in the leaked draft memo from the Supreme Court on the ruling over the Alabama case that appears destined to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Regardless of where one stands on the issue of abortion, Justice Alito’s strongly worded opinion showed a clear return of power to the states in any matter not specifically enumerated in the Constitution as being delegated to the federal government. Healthcare is not addressed in the Constitution. Thus, it would appear that as we head into the new “winter of death,” this will once again be a red state versus blue state tact in how the public healthcare response is handled.

But the Biden regime is not willing to see the power return to the people and their elected state officials quite so readily. The progressive leftists that fill this administration are bound and determined to see globalism ascend and ultimately prove the greatest of centralized, authoritarian powers. On September 22, 2021, the White House released a statement on the U.S.-EU Agenda for Beating the Global Pandemic, Vaccinating the World, Saving Lives Now, and Building Back Better Health Security (emphasis added), which raised questions on just what measures these countries were willing to implement to build a health security system. Then On January 18, 2022, under cover of night, the administration sent the World Health Organization proposed amendments unilaterally giving the WHO broad powers to act and intervene in any country if it merely suspected a looming health emergency effectively ceding the WHO power over the United States and in direct contravention to the U.S. Constitution. Not wanting to idle while the possibility that people might start to take notice of this and object, this matter is set for a vote at the 75th World Health Assembly in Geneva beginning May 22. Lest one think that maybe the WHO will have a rational approach to this power, they just recently issued the following chilling statement – “with reported cases falling globally, it is tempting – but misguided – to think the crisis is over. This is the moment to intensify efforts, not to ease off.”

So Biden is prepared to make the U.S. a tributary state to the World Health Organization… the organization that first declared that COVID-19 was not transferable among people, spoke against travel restrictions, and has remained silent on the CCP’s role even now as China has over 400 million people in severe lockdowns including 26.3 million in their financial hub of Shanghai and 21.5 million in their own capitol of Beijing. But this should not shock anyone as it has always been the World Economic Forum’s plan to subjugate all nation states to their new world order and the WHO is utterly co-opted and corrupted by such bad actors as the CCP and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

One only need look at the head of the WHO to understand this is a sham. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is not a medical doctor and was previously the health minister of Ethiopia. He was a leading figure in the Tigray People’s Liberation Front which overthrew the country’s then government in 1991 and was deemed a terrorist organization. During his reign as the health minister, the country suffered devastating cholera outbreaks in 2006, 2009, and 2011 and Human Rights Watch noted that the country had systemic discrimination and human rights abuses of certain ethnicities. Shortly after being elevated with such lackluster credentials to his position at the WHO, he then named former Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe as the organization’s goodwill ambassador. This is the man that Biden wants to give unilateral dictatorial power to allowing him to declare a health emergency and intervene in the affairs in the United States in virtually any manner he deems fit. You thought the likes of Gretchen Whitmire, Gavin Newsom, and Andrew Cuomo were bad?… just wait.