Welcome to my corner...

I wanted to start with a little about who I am , what I belive and why I am doing this. For more on the interesting topic of who I am check out the about me section of my webpage.

Who I am:

John C. O’Shea is a managing partner of Wildcatter Holdings, a small family office focused on real estate development, aggregate quarries, and concrete companies in Texas. Prior to joining Wildcatter, John was a career banker specializing in community banks in Texas and during his 20 years in banking started a de novo bank as well as led the turnaround of a problem bank. He received his BBA in Finance and BA in Political Science from Texas Christian University and holds an MBA in Finance and Management from the University of Texas, Austin. He has been married to his wife Kathleen for 29 years and has three children and one grandchild. With the exception of a five-year sojourn in South America, he has lived his entire adult life in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

What I Believe:

I need to give credit where credit is due. I once heard Rabbi Shubert Spero give a speech in which he most eloquently defined a set of Judeo-Christian beliefs that underpin the moral foundation of Western civilization. I have modified this list of core principals slightly but feel like I would be plagiarizing if I didn’t give him his proper credit for my inspiration.

Your moral core is the guiding determinant in how you will see and interact with the world. It is essential as it is the basis upon which all your other convictions will be based – like the foundation of a house. And continuing that analogy, the structure is only as stable as the base. This core represents true principals only if they are applied universally and not just when it suits your purposes. As I once heard said before, true principals remain even when they work against your interests.

That being said, my core principals can be summed up in five points. First, I believe in human agency. I believe we should do everything in our power to provide ourselves and others with the ability to effect and guide our own lives and this impacts my view on the relationship between the individual and government. By granting or empowering human agency, you are teaching yourself to fish and not just seeking the handout of a fish. This is far more noble to the human condition and exponentially more empowering.

Secondly, I believe in accountability. If individuals have license through their agency to be in control of their own lives, then they also bear the consequences. I am responsible for myself, and you are responsible for yourself. This is not to imply a “dog-eat-dog” zero-sum gain world, but that if you have autonomy, then I cannot, nor should I be held responsible for your own actions. Obviously, things don’t always go according to plan and there are things outside of our control, but ultimately, we are accountable for ourselves.

Third, I believe in a God-centered morality. Human beings, while I believe are inherently good, are not to be confused for angels. As autonomous individuals living in a society, we need a moral compass to guide us in how we are to act and treat one another accordingly in line with our spiritual teachings. As I previously stated, all of Western civilization is based on Judeo-Christian principals and it has served us very well. Rather than eschew these principals, we must strengthen them if we are to be guided on the true path of growth and spiritual awakening rather than acquiesce to our own base desires under the false pretense of progressiveness. Human history is littered with horrendous catastrophes when people have previously strayed from this path.

Fourth, I believe in the sanctity of the individual. Each one of us is a child of God, created in his image. We all hold tremendous value as individual human beings irrespective of how much we have in a bank account. And while we all share so much in common, we are also uniquely individual as well. My endeavors and my life experiences have shaped me to be who I am, and that is solely my own (with credit to God). As such, I am a sacred individual in keeping with the teaching that my body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. I may choose to join or affiliate with a group or movement, but I am still a singular individual.

And lastly, the corollary to this is I believe in the evilness of tribalism. When we fail to acknowledge one another as unique individuals capable of autonomous thought and deed, but instead group people into tribes, we diminish them and fail to see them for who they truly are. Tribalism also inherently pits group against group and serves as the basis for unnecessary conflict. Seeing people as a tribe rather than a collection of unique individuals with varying qualities and merits has also led to countless conflicts and is an evil that must be avoided at all costs even if it is easy to sometimes slip. It inherently works to divide.

It is on the basis of these five principals that I have built my moral core. It affects everything from how I live my life, to how I interact with others, to how I feel we should organize as a society. Interestingly, I can’t think of anything more important than understanding what your moral core is and how you acquired it – it impacts everything in your life. And yet, this is something that I think people in general do not spend enough time reflecting on. Maybe it’s time we change that and understand what and why we believe.

Why I Am Doing This:

I am so unbelievably tired of living this Alice in Wonderland existence where the elite – government, media, academia, woke multinational corporations (who forgot they are Americans), and tech – all conform to a hive minded narrative and anyone who practices critical reasoning is spreading disinformation, is a domestic terrorist, and a racist. The elite want us to believe this is a Republican versus Democrat war being waged for the cultural high-ground of our nation, when in fact it is a war of good versus evil for the very soul of the entire country and all its citizenry. The political machinations broadcast by media is merely Kabuki theater meant to distract so that people will just grumble about politics and go on about their everyday lives. And yet it also serves as a useful tool to highlight those who have not joined the collective and need to be targeted.

Well count me in as a nationalist populist deplorable and this serves as my formal declaration of war that I am ready for the fight. I will not be told what to think, who to trust, what God given rights I may exercise. I was born free, not given my liberties by the party of Davos. And lest you think I’m some QAnon conspiracist (I have never read or seen anything from this source), let’s look at some of the most egregious lies we are being told to accept from our betters, from the experts:

· Concerned parents protesting schoolboards and entering local elections over their outrage of critical theory being taught to their children and mask and vaccine mandates are not participants in a democratic process, but domestic terrorists threatening to undermine democracy itself.

· The CDC’s own VAERS system, the DOD whistleblowers using the NIH medical insurance reporting system, frontline doctors like Drs. Pierre Kory and Peter McCullough, scientists like Drs. Robert Malone and Harvey Risch, and concerned public health advocates like Dr. Naomi Wolf and Robert Kennedy, Jr. are all crazy conspiracy theorists spreading disinformation that is threatening the lives of millions.

· Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, and the WHO are noble champions of public health and are not only correct in demanding everyone take a dangerous, leaky vaccination against an illness that doesn’t unduly impact healthy people, doesn’t inoculate against infection, and doesn’t stop the spread of the disease, but they have no personal interest in a corrupt, co-opted healthcare administration in benefiting and enriching big pharma.

· ANTIFA and BLM riots throughout the country that caused billions of dollars in damage, burned cars, businesses, and homes in predominantly minority communities, resulted in looting, violence, and the murder of over 30 people last year were “mostly” peaceful protests over civil rights injustice and police brutality against minorities.

· The riot on January 6th partially instigated by Ray Epps and John Sullivan and other unnamed, uncharged co-conspirators was not people acting out in frustration over election irregularities, but was a very grave insurrection that threatens democracy itself.

· When Capital Hill Officer Michael Byrd shoots unarmed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt coming through a door point blank in the neck and kills her, it is a justifiable shooting. When Minnesota Police Officer Kim Potter draws her sidearm accidentally instead of her taser to apprehend Daunte Wright in the process of a crime that threatened other officers, it is manslaughter.

· Two of the most notorious prisoners in modern history with untold dirt on the elites, John McAfee and Jeffrey Epstein, both mysteriously commit suicide while under maximum security.

· The U.S. wasn’t founded in 1776, but 1619 as it singularly invented the global practice of slavery and needed to safeguard this institution. In fact, the U.S. is a systemically racist country to its core and all of these non-white illegal immigrants crossing our border are just misinformed that their lives will be better here.

· More government stimulus spending will cure our economy and solve inflation.

· The CCP is our competitor, not our enemy.

· The fact that there were election irregularities, violations of election laws, thousands of affidavits from witnesses, and videos of people illegally processing ballots and stuffing drop boxes is the Big Lie.

I could go on and on and on. Amazing isn’t it? So here I stand. I will not kneel before any man or ideal, but before God Almighty Himself. This is not the country I want to bequeath to my children and grandchildren, so I have drawn my line in the sand and this is the hill I will die on.