Awake Not Woke: The Positivity of the MAGA Movement

So this is going to sound a little different from my normal rants on the global elites and their climbing up the backs of normal people to reach their prize. But if you stay with me, I promise that I will tie it all together in the end.

Over the past several months I have gotten to know Don Smith from the conservative podcast the Don Smith Show and he invited me to join him this last February in Orlando at CPAC to help. It was there that we finally met in person and I was pleased to discover that he was just as genuine, thoughtful and entertaining in real life as he is on his show, only to be exceeded by his lovely wife Brenda. I met his client currently running for the Michigan 3rd District, John Gibbs and was struck by what an intelligent and decent man he was – Michigan do the right thing and support this candidate! I ran into my good friend Texas AG Ken Paxton, met Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano who is currently running for governor (ditto on this one people of Pennsylvania), and listened to a number of incredible speakers such as Dr. Robert Malone, Kash Patel, and of course the highlight of the event, the keynote given by former President Donald J. Trump. Being only my second CPAC to attend, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet and listen to so many critical figures in the conservative movement. However even more than the people I met and heard from, I was struck by one thing in particular – the positive energy of the entire event.

The theme of CPAC this year was “Awake not Woke,” and as one could imagine there was a certain moral indignation at the culture wars being waged against traditional American values by the progressive left, both in the crowds and in the speeches. But rather than witness an angry mob of people intent on engaging in pitched battle, I experienced a general ebullience and sense of optimism that was palpable coming from those in attendance.

The Saturday morning of President Trump’s speech, as we were setting up our booth for the day’s interviews, Don, Brenda and I watched a throng of people that streamed past us in a nonstop procession for over two hours as everyone made their way inside for the day’s festivities. It was such an impressive display of a goodwilled, diverse crowd of people that we actually talked about it several times throughout the morning. The crowd included priests and rabbis, people in suits, people in jeans and patriotic themed t-shirts, a couple of different groups of women wearing Trump themed kimonos, and even someone in red, white and blue drag who was actually the star of the morning as everyone who saw him wanted their picture taken together. This was not the group of conspiracy theory, hate-filled white supremacists that the corporate media so often tries to portray of a gathering of MAGA supporters – in fact nothing could have been further from the truth. It was a celebration of God and country, of individual liberties, of love and compassion for their fellow man by a group of proud patriots from all walks of life. Everyone was happy to be there and everyone was quick to greet one another and engage.

Now contrast this with gatherings of the progressive, global left. They seem to degenerate into angry screeds condemning our patriarchal, imperfect past and bemoaning the intolerant, inequitable, and systemically racist present. And I am not talking about a violent BLM or antifa protest that degenerates into chaotic rioting and looting either. No even the recent Democratic Issues Conference was a non-stop attack on our own country culminating with the current occupant of the White House, Joe Biden, telling we the people that he was sick of us misunderstanding that “the reason for inflation is the government spending more money.” This after explaining away or excusing all of the actions he had undertaken to lead us to this point in an effort to purge us of our sins.

And so the reason why this is appropriate in a series of essays on the progressive elites and their war against us is this – the globalists can not have a majority of the country embrace national populism and all it entails. Patriots emboldened to be proud of and love their country desiring to see it achieve its position of greatness is a direct threat to the global hegemony of Davos and their vision of a borderless world ruled by a handful of insanely wealthy, corrupt oligarchs. It is why they always state that our country is ill or fundamentally broken whereas we see a nation of divine providence fighting to embody our lofty ideals. And so I ask you dear reader to stop and give careful reflection to the candidates running in the federal, state and local elections this November and ask yourself, does someone who doesn’t love this country and its principals deserve to lead it.