Poking the Bear: Biden's Latest Foreign Blunder

Well since my last rant on the elites and the war they are waging against we the people, they’ve gone and done it – Russia has invaded Ukraine. While I argued that the drums of war which were being beaten by our government and the corporate media were a “wag the dog” distraction from their abject failures, it appears that for once in a long while, our intelligence agencies were right. I will admit it, I did not think Putin would actually invade, but was merely posturing to force concessions from the West regarding Ukraine and possible future admission into the EU and NATO. However, this only goes to highlight another aspect of the progressive elites that I have yet to touch upon – their incompetence.

Lest I have painted a bleak picture of a nefarious league of supervillains gathered in Davos to plot the destruction of the West through the extraction of its wealth and subversion of its working and middle class citizens into mindless drones, I need point out one major thing. The elite, for all of their wealth and power are merely human replete with all of the foibles and sins we all possess… in fact maybe even more given their amazing hubris and disconnect from reality. And it is this incompetence on the parts of the ruling elites that has led to this current tragedy and the ensuing blood that has and that will be shed.

Let me explain and in doing so point out how this was brought about by the elites’ incompetence. For you see, while the tea leaves were there for the reading (and I will admit I did not accurately read them, but for a different reason), they were blinded by their arrogance and thus made serious mistakes along the way. You see, they never could have imagined that one of their own, Putin, who was a member of the WEF (even though they recently took down his profile – nice try Klaus), would not subscribe whole heartedly to their grand design of a New World Order in which they would all divvy up the globe and rule like entitled oligarchs. They could not imagine that someone could be driven by desires beyond their own master plan.

There is a school of thought that Putin could not stand the idea of Ukraine joining NATO on its boarder threatening its sovereignty. While Putin claims this, it doesn’t seem likely as NATO already has two member nations on the Russian border – Latvia and Estonia. Irrespective, Putin has publicly lamented the fall of the Russian empire through the dissolution of the Soviet Union and has had grand designs of returning Russia to its place of prominence – a nationalistic view totally alien to the party of Davos. And yet he telegraphed his designs repeatedly in invading Georgia in 2008 and the Crimea and Donbas regions of Ukraine in 2014.

And yet the ruling elite refused to see him for who he was. Just look at how the Obama administration, through the work of Hilary Clinton, provided military technology to the Russians through the Skolkovo Initiative and gave them a significant portion of our uranium deposits through the sale of Uranium One. All the while the leaders of the European NATO nations were lax in their military spending and failed to honor their commitment to NATO which famously led to the anger of then President Trump. Does this sound like the actions of people who truly viewed Putin and Russia as existential threats? Although they certainly proclaimed them so when it suited their political purposes a la “Russian collusion.”

And in addition to not being able to comprehend that someone might actually be driven by motives other than their own personal lust for wealth and power, they virtually sent Putin an invitation to act in this manner. For beginners, European nations in a desire to pursue their “virtuous” and progressive green policies have made themselves utterly dependent on Russian oil and gas. And then as if that weren’t enough, Biden overturned President Trump’s embargo against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline guaranteeing even more energy dependence by Europe on Russia. To make matters worse, he actually took measures to destroy U.S. energy independence and began importing Russian oil as well. Again sound doctrine – make yourself dependent on foreign powers who are actually enemies. But this is a recurring theme.

In addition, the western leaders also publicly displayed their incompetence and inability to navigate the recent Covid pandemic. They utterly failed in public health policies, turned on their own citizenry and abused their civil liberties, while destroying their own economies through unprecedented lockdowns. And then if that wasn’t evidence enough of feckless leadership from our elites, Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal was provided center stage for all the world to see. While I deplore Putin’s actions and denounce him as an evil man, it’s not surprising that he viewed this basically as an invitation from the elites to do what he wanted… and he did.

So once again, the elites make the middle and working classes suffer through their greed and incompetence. Just this time, they didn’t profit like they normally do through their own miscalculations as their days of grabbing fistfuls of money from corrupt oligarchs and lobbyists in Ukraine appear to be over for the time being. I imagine this is of little solace to the dead Ukrainian citizens and even the Russian soldiers, who while note blameless, did not deserve to be used as pawns in this game having their blood spilled while murdering their cousins.