The Quiet Part Out Loud: The Biden Regime's New Ministry

So let’s face it, the Biden regime is facing a nightmarish landscape as the November midterm elections draw near. Inflation is at a 40-year high, unemployment is low only because people took early retirement or have become disenfranchised and stopped seeking jobs, and now the first quarter GDP report shows the nation’s economy contracted 1.4%... so much for the forecast 3% growth originally projected for the year. On top of that the southern border is wide open and the country is being invaded by illegal aliens and flooded with drugs and human trafficking and misery. Violent crime is on a historic rise in most of our country’s urban centers and as if things could not get worse, we are on the precipice of a potential third world war over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with tensions only escalating.

So with only 31% of Americans recently polled believing the nation is headed on the right track and generic ballot polls showing Republicans currently hold a 10% lead over Democrats (remember the last time the Republican lead was like this was in 2010 when they picked up 63 House seats and 7 Senate seats), what does Biden do? Fix inflation? No, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell recently raised the Fed discount rate 25 basis points (0.25%) and has claimed there might be another 25-50 basis point increase at their next meeting while the Biden regime shows no slow down in stimulus spending. This is in stark contrast to the action Ronald Reagan and then Chairman Paul Volker took in the early 80s to curb inflation when they raised rates 10x this amount, tightened the money supply, and implemented marginal tax cuts.

So does Biden then ease the tensions in Ukraine that threaten to boil over from the current regional conflict? No after failing to crush the Russian central bank by weaponizing the dollar at peril to it losing its status as the global reserve currency, Biden just announced that the U.S. was appropriating another $33 billion in spending for military and humanitarian aid for Ukraine so that it could “win the war.” Are our European NATO “allies” equally contributing to the cause in what amounts to a fight in their neighborhood? No, they are to busy buying rubles to purchase Russian energy they are dependent on while having also sold Russia arms. So much for that supposed peace dividend.

Then surely Biden must be focused on fixing the U.S.’s own right to sovereignty by staving off the wave of illegals teeming over the border, right? No, Biden’s regime has been fighting legal rulings re-implementing President Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy and blocking its attempt to remove Section 42, which allowed illegal aliens to be turned away at the border during a public health emergency. Apparently a massive influx of unskilled laborers bringing with them cartel drugs who are either going to illegally compete with America’s own working class (as if they did not have problems enough) or rely on the country’s social services does not merit attention to this regime. Not only was Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently in front of Congress repeatedly lying about the current state of affairs, but the Department of Homeland Security recently released the new priority for this administration, the action that is going to right the sinking ship – the creation of the DHS Disinformation Governance Board. Apparently Biden regards George Orwell’s 1984 as a political play book.

So unbeknownst to silly working and middle class Americans struggling to make ends meet, Biden has proclaimed that disinformation is the cause of our great national malaise. And who has he tapped to run this new important weapon against the First Amendment? Why purported disinformation expert Nina Jankowicz who was an outspoken advocate that the now authenticated Hunter Biden laptop was propaganda developed by the Trump campaign and thus helped censor the information. A poll by the Media Research Center found that 45.1% of Biden voters in seven key swing states were unaware of the story and that had they been, 9.4% would have voted differently flipping all six swing states Biden won, giving Trump 311 electoral college votes – enough to win comfortably.

The disdain that the progressive elite has for average people has always been known – they are just saying the quiet part out loud now. The working and middle class people are not capable of critical thinking and thus are not allowed to question the mainstream orthodoxy. They can not have people realizing that Russia Collusion was a hoax or that the Covid 19 virus escaped a lab in Wuhan, China, or that Zelensky and his backing corrupt oligarchs do not wear the white hat and are not going to prevail against Russia. So the real question now is this – with their disregard for their own citizens, trying to subjugate people to a violation of the Nuremberg Code through vaccine mandates, the blatant disregard of Geneva Convention violations by the Azov Battalion in Ukraine, and now their own Ministry of Truth, when do the global elite realize they have become the Nazis?