Living Our Own War: The Elite's Information Assault

We are currently living in a war – not the one being fought right now between Ukraine and Russia that Biden keeps threatening to involve the United States in directly (but more on that later). No, we are currently combatants in an information war where our government, corporate media, tech oligarchs, academia, and woke corporations fight to maintain what they see as the approved narrative of the elites. The fog of war is thick and the elites use such overwhelming force through censorship, disinformation, “legitimate” news sources, dark money financed fact checkers,

Wikipedia, etc. that it hardly seems fair to the average American citizen trying to discern the truth.

In just the past five years, we have witnessed the elites and their institutions throw out the orthodoxy that:

a). Russia colluded with the Trump Campaign to win the 2016 election;

b). There was no spying on the Trump Campaign;

c). The “quid pro quo” offered by Trump to Zelensky in a phone call was an impeachable offense;

d). The origin of covid was natural and there was no U.S. involvement through gain of function research with the CCP;

e). Covid was untreatable through low-cost therapeutics such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine;

f). That mRNA vaccines were safe and effective


g). Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation and there was no Biden family compromise;

h). Any claims of 2020 election irregularities or “fortification” were the Big Lie; and

i). January 6, 2021 was an insurrection.

It is enough to make your head spin and this is not even an exhaustive list.

The latest is that the United States must stand with the noble freedom fighter Zelensky to defend democracy in Ukraine. Forget the facts that the people of Ukraine are measurably poorer now than when they were a part of the Soviet Union, that they have never had a true democracy, and that this is a border dispute between two of the most corrupt collections of oligarchical gangsters in the world. And also overlook that our elite betters have failed to make a case that, while tragic, the United States has any strategic interest in Ukraine and why the carnage being ravaged on the ordinary people of that faraway land is some how more important that the savagery being experienced by people in say Yemen or South Sudan, which do not even register on the radar screen.

People who previously had hypodermic emojis on their social media now all have Ukrainian flags. The propaganda is so effective that these “virtuous” people do not stop to consider for a moment that wanting to overturn the Nuremburg Code and overlook the Geneva Convention, might actually make them the bad guys. No, to point out that the U.S. and its western allies helped instigate this conflict by making overtures of Ukraine joining NATO and the EU makes you guilty of spreading Russian disinformation. Try to explain that Ukraine is highly compromised by actual Nazis (see the Azov Battalion) and had previously been committing violent acts against the people of Crimea and the Donbas Region and you are a Putin-lover.

So this all begs the question as to why the elites are actively engaging in information warfare against the American middle and working classes. In part, it is to destroy the nationalism and patriotism that threaten their global vision. Make America Great Again has no part in the Davos hegemony. It is also to personally enrich themselves as they have all made money through grift and selling out of the country as they try to manage its decline in conjunction with their CCP partners. What do they care if America loses jobs and becomes dependent on hostile actors if they can make money shipping manufacturing and energy production overseas. And lastly it is also to coverup their mistakes and corruption as they can never allow themselves to be exposed for the greedy, incompetent hypocrites that they are. Remember these are the people who have actually told you that you will own nothing and be happy while they jet to their meetings in their own private planes to a luxury Swiss resort.

Lamentably this ends as all of these elite debacles end in personal enrichment for themselves and a high price to be borne by ordinary people. The people of Ukraine have seen untold suffering, the people of Russia are being ruthlessly attacked through the West’s attempts to crush the ruble, and the people of the U.S. are facing unbelievable economic burdens through soaring inflation. This could have all been so easily avoided had grownups with these people’s interests at heart been able to de-escalate the situation in the beginning, rather than ratchet up the rhetoric and push us closer to the brink of a world war with nuclear powers. Ironically, it would be the working and middle classes’ sons and daughters going off to fight in such a war while the elite stay at home and further enrich themselves.