Wag the Dog: The Davos Subterfuge

As I have argued from the onset of this dialog with you, the elite of this country are hypocrites who are virtue signaling every time they open their mouths and yet rarely ever do their actions mirror their words. The globalist elite in our country call for affordable housing, progressive taxes, and equitable public education. And yet liberal bastions like California has the nation’s most expensive housing and the country’s largest homeless population; Washington has the most regressive taxes; and Connecticut has the greatest disparity in school district funding. These items are so egregious that I was alerted to them in part by a New York Times video editorial of all places. If it wasn’t for double standards, the liberal elite would have no standards at all.

The real internal threat to this country is not from “domestic terrorists” like the parents who demand accountability from their local school boards or shaman “insurrectionists” who pose for pictures in the Capital Building, but this global elite who control all the institutions of this great nation – government, media, academia, tech, and the woke multinational corporations. They have forgotten that they are Americans and instead have professed fealty to Davos and the World Economic Forum, which champions a great reset for the world where you will own nothing and be happy. Ironically the elite fly to their WEF meetings in their private jets to stay in opulent accommodations in the largest ski resort of one of the world’s wealthiest countries. So here again, do as they say, not as they do.

And this breath-taking hypocrisy would be funny if it were not so alarmingly dangerous. You see, they hold those outside their ranks as ants that are somewhat of a nuisance. They can be tolerated, and even fed table scraps so long as they don’t threaten their extraction of wealth from this country. They can’t have you see that their policies ring hollow and are actually leading to the demise of this great nation. The elite can not permit you to question their regime that they bought and paid for even if it is causing the erosion of our global power, the cratering of our economy, and the demise of our moral and cultural cohesion. So, they have to distract and change the narrative; the latest attempt – Ukraine.

The ruling elite can’t have the country believe that the Chinese Communist Party represents an existential threat to the United States (although I would argue it may be the greatest ever), because the CCP is their business partner and the source of a great deal of their wealth. But they need an external threat to distract people from the utter disaster their rule has been to the working and middle classes. So instead, they turn to their favorite villain Russia and Putin’s nefarious intent on the sovereign border of Ukraine. They profess that Ukraine’s borders are sacrosanct while millions of unchecked illegal immigrants invade our own. Thus, Russia’s military buildup along the Ukrainian border in response to the threat that it might be admitted into NATO is a crisis that can not be tolerated.

Just stop and think for a second. I am not arguing that Putin is a nice guy or interested in the wellbeing of the United States, but how would you feel if Mexico or Canada threatened to join a military joint defense treaty with China? To refute that Russia’s alarm at the present situation is warranted is not to belie that Putin is a pernicious character – two things can be true at once. It is just to acknowledge that their concern is reasonable even if a military buildup on the border is not.

And if you don’t believe me that this sudden call to arms is not an attempt to distract, then you have to ask yourself the question, “Why now?” It was during the Obama administration that Russia took Crimea in 2014 and there weren’t resounding calls to send troops then. In fact, Obama’s attempt to reset U.S.-Russian relations were exactly the opposite. They led to then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s work to help build Russia’s military Silicon Valley known as Skolkovo, despite protestations from the U.S. military that this was a threat to national security. And how was she rewarded for this betrayal of our country? Seventeen of the twenty-eight American, European, and Russian companies that participated in the Skolkovo Initiative were contributors to the Clintons and their foundation lavishing well over $6 million.

But now, now that inflation is soaring, our markets are collapsing, our supply chains are imploding, our borders are being overrun, and crime is on the rise… now is the time to take a stand for Ukraine. The same country that lead to Hunter Biden landing a lucrative board position with a gas company; that had Joe Biden threaten to withhold U.S. aid if they didn’t fire their prosecutor general; that lead to the first impeachment of President Trump over a phone call – that one. This nation of 41 million people with the 48th largest economy in the world thousands of miles away is now of vital import to the U.S. for some inexplicable reason.

And there are two great ironies to this story. The first is that Trump was never “colluding” with Russia and that whole false narrative lead to the failure of his attempt to pull a Kissinger-like-play of using Russia as a wedge against the CCP. How on earth could Putin have wanted Trump over Clinton when it was under the Obama administration that Russia was allowed without reprisal to take Crimea and she was such a useful tool? Just look at which campaign Russians actually gave money to illegally – see the indictment of George Nader if you don’t believe me. And yet the Russia colluded with Trump narrative remains and the “Big Lie” is if you question the integrity of the 2020 election.

The second, and far worse irony is that the elites not only cause problems for the working and middles classes, but they profit from their induced misery as well. You see a military intervention into Ukraine will not only distract from the domestic ruin they have caused, but it will fire back up the military industrial complex, which has been sidelined for a whole five months following the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. This means spending billions of dollars with defense contractors and do you care to guess who owns these stocks and sits on their boards? And yet when the drums of war sound, it is the sons and daughters of the working and middle classes that get sent overseas to have their blood spilled. The elites can not be bothered with such trivial patriotic duties like serving their country. They have another meeting to attend in Davos.