The Ascension of America First: This is Donald J. Trump’s Party Now

The nation is at a turning point and the entire country knows it. For too long, the establishment uniparty along with their army of unelected bureaucrats have run this country for the benefit of the donor class while also lining their own pocketbooks. The federal government has grown to leviathan levels with 2.1 million employees and unchecked spending has led to a national debt of over $30 trillion dollars (130% of last years $23 trillion GDP for the entire country), an unsustainable level by any metric especially in light of rising interest rates and continued enormous deficit spending. Inflation is so rampant that the Federal Reserve is being forced to raise interest rates even after two quarters of a shrinking economy - a recession regardless of how the White House tries to spin it - and they will eventually have to curtail their modern monetary policy of magically printing new money into existence as the near tripling of money in circulation over the past two years alone has done little to provide stimulus and has lead to massive bubbles in every sector. The uniparty has opened the borders and encouraged a massive wave of illegal immigration hurting everyone involved with the exception of their cartel partners who grow massively rich at our expense as the left want replacement voters and the right want cheap labor. And our foreign policy and woke military are so disastrous that we are on the brink of kinetic war with both Russia and China. This is a disaster by any standard.

But recent Republican primary races around the country and the CPAC convention just completed in Dallas show signs of hope. The Republican Party is very different than the Democrat Party in its very structure as it is a grassroots organization versus the top-down approach of the Democrats, which also perfectly mirrors both parties approach as to how to handle problems – or should if the Republicans did not have such self-centered, feckless leaders such as Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Ronna McDaniel. You see the troops are revolting and are beginning to realize they hold the power. Just ask Texas Senator John Cornyn who was booed mercilessly off the stage by the delegates at the Texas Republican Convention in Houston back in June. The ground swell of anger is so strong that Governor Abbott did not even make an appearance fearing the same treatment.

Despite the desperate machinations of the uniparty and their legacy media cheerleaders, Americans are realizing that the America First policies of President Trump worked and now having seen what the alternative woke agenda yields, are demanding a return to MAGA. Primary wins by John Gibbs in Michigan 3 over incumbent billionaire and Trump impeachment voter Peter Meijer, Blake Masters for Arizona Senate over the preferred establishment candidates of Jim Lamon and Mark Brnovich, and JD Vance in the Ohio Senate race that was packed full of legitimate contenders show that Republicans are preferring outsiders who pledge to follow President Trump’s America First policies over establishment politicians who have shown to be little more than controlled opposition. All of these candidates were endorsed by President Trump and ran strong grassroots campaigns despite being largely outspent by the oligarchs and RNC dark money PACs.

No where was this more apparent than in the Arizona Governor’s race. Former long-time media personality Kari Lake, disgusted by the steal of the 2020 election and what she saw being done to her country entered the race and was just recently certified as the Republican primary winner despite being outspent officially over 5:1 in the most expensive race in Arizona’s history. And this does not include all of the untold millions of dark money that poured in to support her billionaire opponent in attack adds that went after Lake personally and did not address her stance on issues. Mrs. Lake was endorsed by President Trump very early on while her main opponent was endorsed by Republican establishment types like current Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and presidential hopefuls Mike Pence and Chris Christie. Ironically it was another former media personality, Tudor Dixon, who also won the primary for governor of Michigan with the aid of President Trump’s endorsement.

Americans are getting off the couch and getting involved. Outsiders with amazing personal lives are putting those on hold to go into the service of their country and help save this great nation from those who mean to do us harm. This is what participatory democracy looks like despite all the protestations from MSNBC and CNN who fear the “insurrectionists” are going to destroy it. And clearly this is Donald J. Trump’s Republican Party and it should be – just look at the response from the massive audience as he closed CPAC in Dallas last night. He brought down the house and his message and vision of what America could be – by returning to its origins - resonated with everyone in attendance. President Trump has personally resurrected the party from the abject failure of both Herbert Walker and George W.s’ presidencies that left the Republicans on life support with no future. By turning the party into an all-inclusive base focused on America First initiatives to provide agency and support for the working and middle classes, President Trump actually has a chance to turn this country around and usher in a Jacksonian type century of national populism that will make this nation great again and restore us in God’s light as that shining city on the hill.

But the work is far from over. There are remaining primaries of equal import such as Trump endorsed Kelly Tshibaka running against establishment backed Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska senate race and equally endorsed Harriet Hageman versus never-Trumper and Benedict Arnold Liz Cheney. And then we need to do everything we can to get these people elected in November when the true work will begin. And that will not be easy. The personal attacks that these candidates took from our own Republican establishment was withering – just ask Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania who had to pull out and Eric Greitens in Missouri who was beaten badly after Carl Rove actually used family to destroy their campaigns. And yet the Democrats and the corporate media will be worse and are already starting their attacks calling these people crazy conspiracy theorists and Trump sycophants who are going to destroy our country.

And then we need to make sure these people replace the current party leadership. America First policies will never take root and work long-term with establishment leadership all to happy to maintain the self-enriching status quo. Just look at how quickly all of President Trump’s first term work was undone because the party leadership refused to work with the administration. Once this is done, then the Republican Party can set its eyes on the 2024 presidential election where we can undo the malfeasance that was brought on us by the 2020 steal and President Trump can return to the White House to undo the administrative state and return the power of this country back to where it rightfully belongs with “We the People.” We can do this people, but it will require every single one of putting our shoulder to the wheel.

John C. O’Shea is an average American citizen who is tired of being told up is down and decided to do something about it. This series of opinion pieces are intended to point out the absurdity and hypocrisy of what is occurring in our nation today, as well as help preserve his own sanity. He can be found lurking on Gettr and Twitter at johncoshea and also has a website with his work at